About Founder

Grand Master Mindy Chua

Who discovered a key to relief insomnia and raised emotional wellbeing


Master Mindy Chua is a spiritual leader, a pioneer in systematic Singing-Bowl Therapy education in Malaysia. She is also the founder of “Cosmique Touch” – A simple, effective and contemporary way of energy healing that was founded in 2004, with over 38000 practitioners worldwide. The Cosmique Touch Academy campus is located in the capital of Kuala Lumpur.

With a vow to nourish mankind, she has used the “Qi” energy to save many lives and helped countless of people to regain their health. She has set up more than 20 “charity Healing Centers” in Malaysia, leading over two thousand voluntary healers to offer free energy healing to the general public. This meaningful act of service has benefited thousands of people in need.


Created World Most Unique Sound Therapy Techniques

Apart from the Cosmique healing which featured the physical healing, Master Mindy started to seek for a new healing modality that help to improve one’s emotions and spiritual as a whole. As Deeply engrossed in the healing vibration of “Himalayan Singing Bowl”, she began her learning journey by integrating herself into numerous trips to India, Taiwan and Netherland to persue the most primitive and consummate therapy. After hundreds of attainment from the healing process, Master Mindy recognized a significant effect in improving insomnia and emotional illness.


With her intuition over decades of experiences in subtle energy healing, Master Mindy created one of the world most unique, powerful and yet relaxing form of Singing Bowl sound therapy technique that could sooth one’s soul, inner self Harmonising as well as helping everyone to release physical illness and pain.


My Work Process

Although singing bowl sound therapy has been widely accepted and well sought in the Western Nations and the Himalayan region, it is still making it’s absent in Asia. The exposure of Singing Bowl sound therapy is yet to be excavated. Therefore;


As a vow to initiate this amazing therapy to the world,


  SHE, is the pioneer to develop singing bowl healing in Malaysia

  SHE, is the first to incorporate comprehensive Sound Therapy Techniques into systematic education system

  SHE, is the first to offer professional Sound Therapies training, and had fostered more than 50 qualified Therapies

  SHE, is the pioneer to connect Sound Therapy to the general public in Malaysia through large scale Seminars and Grand Concerts Nationwide and in Singapore


Basic Background of Master Mindy Chua

  Spiritual Leader of 38 thousand Cosmique Practitioners worldwide

  World Leading Sound Therapy Healer and Teacher

  Founder of Cosmique Touch Energy Healing

  Founding President of Cosmique Touch Academy

  Qualified Traditional Chinese Physicians of (M.T.C.A)

  Leader of 3000 active volunteers doing charity healing to serve community

  Established 20 Charity Healing Centers Nationwide to perform free healing for people in need and helped thousands of patients to regain health


Publications and awards

  Published “The Healing Qi” in 2011

  Published “TAI CHI QUAN 37 forms” VCD in 2003 (World Wide Publish)


  World TAI CHI Tournament Gold medalist in Singapore 2001

  Malaysia TAI CHI Tournament Gold medalist in 2000







Master Han Foon

Singing Bowl Therapy Healer & Trainer




 Master of Art ( GFM )
 Northumbria University Newcastle in U.K.


 Professional Speaker of “Cosmique Touch” workshop
 Deputy Manager of Cosmique Touch Academy
 Vice President of Committee of Cosmique Touch Volunteer Team






Master Tony Chong, Certified 2012

Singing Bowl Therapy Healer & Trainer

Professional Speaker of 'Cosmique Touch' Workshops


 Professional Speaker of “Frequencies of Wealth” Workshop
 Chief Analyst Of “Aura Power” Workshop
 Managing Director of Cosmique Touch Academy HQ (East Malaysia)