Healing Appoinment

SINGING BOWL Sound healing is a proven modality uses
sound vibrationto help Deep Relaxation, create deep sense of Peace,
Well-being and better health.


It is very effective in helping Insomnia;
Release stress, Depression, various body aches and pain relief.


Who needs Singing Bowl Healing?

It is suitable for people who are:


 Facing daily stress, tension, fatigue and anxiety


 Suffering chronic neck and shoulder pain or other pain conditions


 Headache, Insomnia & menstrual Difficulties


 Struggling hormonal imbalance and depression


 Looking to improve sleep or emotional disturbance


 Finding inner peace or calm meditative state 


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Standard Treatment



Treatment:Single Singing Bowl Resonance Treatment


Duration: 90 minutes healing session.



 Deep relaxation

 Helps relief chronic neck & shoulder pain, headache, insomnia etc.

 Reduces stress & anxiety

 Promotes blood circulation

 Dispels negative energy

 Increases vital energy flow and positivity


Advance Treatment



Treatment: Vibrations of 7 singing bowls with sequential tones, resonate simultaneously in a rich wave of sound that penetrates into entire body and every single cell, bone & organ. It heals and balance our 7 chakras ad restoring weak body aura.


Duration: 90 minutes healing session.



 Removes toxins & clears blockages along energy line

 Activates self-healing mechanism within the body

 Strengthen immune system

 Purifies and harmonizes your emotions and feeling

 Relieves emotional traumas locked within the subconscious

 Re-connect to your inner self

 Promotes positive changes to our well being




A Healing Waves from the Himalayan


As the healing began, its deep harmonic vibration travels not only from the outer ear but through the entire body, resonating every cell, bone, vessels and organ soothing & cleansing blockages in our body. Not only it helps to improve blood circulation and energy vitality, it also alters healthy liquid molecules within us (Remember our body contains 70% water).