Singing Bowls


A Beautiful sounds and vibration from the

mysterious highland of Himalaya


This blissful ancient healing vibration

Soothe our mind, heals our soul,


By a very gentle strike on the Singing Bowl ,

Its healing tone will vibrate the entire energy field.

This deep and harmony vibration giving us joyful inner balancing

And the reconnection of our inner self


Its amazing vibes also invoke inner energy flow gracefully,

Healing our Chakras and Aura field.

Thus, help us to obtain good sleep,

peaceful mind, deep relaxation and inner wisdom.


The Ancient and Traditional way of making a Singing Bowl:

Uses of 7 Metals: Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron, Tin, Mercury and Lead.

Based on the ancient philosophy, these 7 Metals are astrologically associated to the 7 Planets, 7 Chakras, and 7 Celestial bodies.

All of which, featured heavily in alchemical symbolism


Gold = Sun


Silver = Moon


Copper = Venus


Iron = Mars


Tin = Jupiter


Mercury = Mercury


Lead = Saturn




Basically, in this modern world most of the Singing Bowls are machine made.

However, there is a great quality differences.


The INNER ZEN Live Gallery,

only Offers Superior grade Handmade Singing Bowls .

Each Handmade Singing Bowl is Unique.


Their tones varies,

Some of it sounds Soft, calm, soothing, relax and blessed.

While some of it sounds cheerful, inspiring, hopeful and beloved…

Everyone may have different preferences,

Some may seek for induction

or seek for various energy level resonance.


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